Course catalog uncc athletics schedule

You may browse through all course offerings or search for a specific course, instructional method or course level. When you select Summeryou can see all courses across all summer terms. Consult the date range for the course to know when the course will be delivered. To narrow down your search to a specific term, you will want to select "Full Term", "First Half Term", or "Second Half Term" under the "Session" section of the search options.

By clicking on the course title, you will see a display of course information, including the number of seats available.

Each course section has a specified enrollment limit. When enrollment in a course section reaches the limit, it is considered "closed" and no further enrollments will be allowed. For information regarding a specific closed course section, students should contact the academic department offering the course. For example, if a chemistry course that you want is full, you should contact the Chemistry Department. You may want to monitor the enrollment daily in case a student drops the course; some seats may open on the day after the cancellation for non-payment.

Skip to main content. Students should consult the course notes in Banner for specific course requirements.Printer Friendly. Skip to main content. School Year August 17, September 1, September 6, September 7, First day of daytime classes starting at AM.

First day of evening classes starting at PM. September 12, September 14, September 15, Second Cancellation for nonpayment Payment Info. September 18, September 28, to September 29, October 5, Unsatisfactory web grading access available for Fall Master's Thesis Proposal Defense Deadline. October 9, Doctoral Dissertation Formatting Review Deadline.Search the OU Course Catalog. The word "course" refers to a subject taken during a semester or summer session with a certain number of prescribed meetings each week.

Successful completion of a course usually earns a specified number of semester hours of credit toward a degree. The words "curriculum" or "program of study" refer to an organized plan of work composed of a number of courses.

The Class Schedule lists the specific courses available for a given semester or summer sessionthe time of meeting, and building and room numbers where the course meets.

The title displayed is the long title of the course. This title may be different than the short title which is displayed in the class schedule and on OU transcripts. All courses are identified by numbers composed of four digits.

course catalog uncc athletics schedule

The first digit indicates the class year in which the subject is ordinarily taken, although enrollment is not exclusive as to student classification:. The fourth digit denotes the number of credit hours assigned to the course. A zero 0 as the fourth digit indicates the course is offered for a variable number of credit hours.

No change may be made in the number of credit hours specified for the various courses as indicated in the catalog. The only exception is University course which carries graduate credit when completed through the Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program. The unit of credit at the University of Oklahoma is the semester hour.

Each semester hour represents one class period of 50 minutes in length each week for 16 weeks including final examinations or the equivalent. Laboratory or field courses require two or three class periods per week for each hour of credit.

During the summer session, the number of clock hours is adjusted depending on the length of the part of term.

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The Class Schedule should be consulted for the courses to be offered in a semester or summer session and also for information about which courses meet the University-wide General Education requirements. Skip Side Navigation. OU Course Catalog. Click the link above, then select Browse Course Catalog.

Schedule of Classes

Select a term. Enter Search Criteria and click Search. Click the Course Title link to view course details. Courseleaf Course Inventory Management OU's course inventory system used to create and submit course requests.

Explanation of Course Catalog Information. Courses numbered to are primarily freshman level. Courses numbered to are primarily sophomore level.

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Courses numbered to are primarily junior level. Courses numbered to are primarily senior level. Courses numbered to are primarily for post-baccalaureate students, except by permission of the department and the graduate dean. Courses numbered to are restricted to post-baccalaureate students, except by permission of the department and the graduate dean.

The second and third digits identify the course within the field. Crosslisting means that a course is offered through all of the departments indicated so that students may take a class through their major department. Courses are slashlisted so undergraduate students may take an undergraduate level course in a department while graduate students may take a graduate level course in the same department.The Catalog should be used as a guide, in conjuction with an academic advisor, in planning a course of study and in meeting requirements for graduation.

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The Catalog is published annually in the Spring for the following academic year, which begins in the Fall. Although course offerings and academic requirements at UNC Charlotte are continually under examination and revision, the Undergraduate Catalog is updated only once per year.

This annual revision procedure helps ensure that users of the Catalog will not find unexpected changes during their academic planning processes. Regulations published in it are subject to change by the University at any time without notice.

University regulations are policy statements to guide students, faculty, and administrative officers in achieving the goals of the institution.

Necessary interpretations of these policies will be made by the appropriate authorities with the interest of the students and the institution in mind. Students are encouraged to consult an advisor if they have questions about the application of any policy. The University reserves the right to change any of the rules and regulations of the University at any time, including those relating to admission, instruction, and graduation. The University also reserves the right to withdraw curricula and specific courses, alter course content, change the calendar, and to impose or increase fees.

course catalog uncc athletics schedule

All such changes are effective as proper authorities determine and may apply not only to prospective students, but also to those who are already enrolled in the University.

The requirements specified in this Catalog apply to students who commence their studies at UNC Charlotte during the academic year and who remain in continuous enrollment at the institution until they graduate.

If requirements are changed, students may elect to comply with the new requirements or to remain under the requirements by which they are governed at the time of the change. The choice to apply the new requirements must be declared by students at least one semester prior to graduation through their academic departments. Students who are readmitted to the University are bound by the program and degree requirements in force at the time of readmission. Exceptions to these policies may be necessitated by changes in course offerings, degree programs, or by action of authorities higher than the University.

In that event, every effort will be made to avoid penalizing the student. Each student is responsible for the proper completion of his or her academic program, for familiarity with the Catalogfor maintaining the grade point average required, and for meeting all other degree requirements. Students assume academic and financial responsibility for the courses in which they enroll and are relieved of these responsibilities only by formally terminating enrollment.

The advisor will counsel, but the final responsibility remains that of the student. A student is required to have knowledge of and observe all regulations pertaining to campus life and student behavior. Email is the official form of communication at the University; each student is responsible for checking their uncc. While associated with the University, each student is expected to participate in campus and community life in a manner that will reflect credibly upon the student and the University.Classes are being offered primarily online to maintain public safety.

Learn More. FCC classes will be delivered primarily online to maintain public safety. Face to face instruction and student interactions will only be conducted when it is necessary, required, and feasible to do so in a safe environment. Learn More about Course Formats.

Note: When signing up for a mixture of structured remote and hybrid remote classes please be sure to leave sufficient time between classes to move between campus and an appropriate workspace for your structured remote session. Find your assigned advisor and schedule an appointment now. Frederick Community College offers a variety of credit and Continuing Education and Workforce Development CEWD courses ranging from one-day instruction to traditional week semesters.

Classes are held at our main campus, the Monroe Center, and Frederick County public high schools. Additionally, instruction is offered online and at community locations throughout Frederick County.

course catalog uncc athletics schedule

Course numbers have changed. Please refer to the Course Renumbering Reference Guide for additional information. PDF Version. Flipbook Version. Virtual Advising Appointments. Credit Course Schedule. Course Schedules. Apply Now.

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UNC Charlotte Course Catalog

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OU Course Catalog

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course catalog uncc athletics schedule

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