Get journal publication support services for academic research

Other publication support services. Whether you are a Ph. Publishing your research can involve several hurdles. Plus, we also offer a range of service packages to choose from so that you find one that perfectly fits your requirements.

Our expert panelists will review your paper and provide constructive comments to help you improve your manuscript before submission to the journal of your choice. Our experts will work with you to determine the most suitable journals, assist in manuscript editing before submission, carry out a technical review, and provide post-submission support wherever necessary.

Based on peer-reviewed studies and journal recommendations, here are the top 7 reasons you might be getting rejected. Thankfully, we have a solution for all of them.

Pre-submission Peer Review. Get your own assistant to navigate complex journal submission processes that can save you from rejection and get you published faster. Does Editage guarantee publication with each pack? What fees do I have to pay the journal and are these included in your Journal Submission service? Why should I choose Publication Support services? Will I get a refund if my paper gets rejected?

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When do I make a payment? What documents are necessary for this service? Should I acknowledge Editage? Editage complies with the highest standard of publication ethics in all its services and processes.

get journal publication support services for academic research

Its really a high quality editing service and I'm quite pleased about the work. If an author is seeking qualified writing and publication support, thi Read more. Ugur ErdemirAssociate Professor. Editage has not only helped me in proofreading my articles but also successfully guided me in the selection of journals. Great service! The comments f Tiago Freire, Lecturer.

Without Editage, I cannot imagine that I could publish two articles and complete my Ph. A great job and a great cost-benefit. I have tried oI ordered a research proposal in the research area of Wireless Communications and it was as very good as I can catch it. My friend suggested this place and it delivers what I expect. It really good platform to get all PhD services and I have used it many times because of reasonable price, best customer services, and high quality.

They guide me a lot and given worthy contents for my research paper. Once I am entered this organization I was just felt relax because lots of my colleagues and family relations were suggested to use this service and I received best thesis writing.

I recommend phdservices. They have professional writers for all type of writing proposal, paper, thesis, assignment support at affordable price. You guys did a great job saved more money and time.

I will keep working with you and I recommend to others also. These experts are fast, knowledgeable, and dedicated to work under a short deadline. I had get good conference paper in short span.

You are the great and real experts for paper writing since it exactly matches with my demand. I will approach again. I am fully satisfied with thesis writing. Thank you for your faultless service and soon I come back again.

I was at the edge of my doctorate graduation since my thesis is totally unconnected chapters. You people did a magic and I get my complete thesis!!! Good family environment with collaboration, and lot of hardworking team who actually share their knowledge by offering PhD Services. I enjoyed huge when working with PhD services. I was asked several questions about my system development and I had wondered of smooth, dedication and caring.

Thank you! I was read my entire research proposal and I liked concept suits for my research issues. Thank you so much for your efforts. I am extremely happy with your project development support and source codes are easily understanding and executed.

I had found this as a wonderful platform for scholars so I highly recommend this service to all. I ordered thesis proposal and they covered everything. Thank you so much!!!Easy Journals to Get Published in : It is one of the most crucial steps not just a decreasing the chance of receiving a rejection in order to publish your paper.

In this right circle, it is much more likely to be cited and also used. Especially, it also means that the reviewers your paper Will allocate to people who are having to publish in the particular area and also you are having cited into the paper.

Therefore it is useful feedback to enhance the paper and it will receptive to your research and findings. When we receive the resubmit and revise the decision with a long list of a proposed correction. As a matter of fact, both resubmit and revise decision is generally a piece of good news.

Because it means you to have the negotiation with the journal editor in Writing a Journal Paper. In fact, it is huge extremely uncommon to get into a minor revision only on a submitted journal.

get journal publication support services for academic research

It will recommend doing is reading through it all, and then sorting out all the comments you have to receive methodologically. So that it will be simple for you to address the reviewers concerns and create changes based on them. This format meant it was also simple for the supervisor to approve and review in journal writing services. It is courteous and polite you are in your response to each of the concerns mention the reviewers.

It is going to be favorable to the reviewers and editor in research assistance. Some of the comments will create you swear or else angry. But it huge important not to put that are crossing into the reviewers or editor. In fact, feedback is the perfect way to improve the quality of your research paper. When you are receiving the very long list of corrections, sometimes up to 50 comments. Easy Journals to Get Publish in, and one can begin doubting to their research skills.

To get Easy Journals to Get Publish in publishing your research. PhDiZone will help you with many services as well as we are the leading research publication support services.

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Our guidance begins from the fundamental step of topic selection. All the technical paper writing supports like research paper writing, Thesis writing, and Dissertation paper Writing.Publishing years of research as a paper in International Journals has always been a must-do for researchers across the globe.

It is a widely known fact that academic publishing is a rigorous process. For many researchers, especially first timers, the publishing process can be a daunting task. Non-adherence to journal guidelines and publishing protocols result in outright rejections. Hence, the crude reality of academic publishing is that there are more manuscript rejections than acceptances, let alone successful publications.

Let's have a quick look at the publishing journey of a manuscript and learn how Paper Publication Support services can help you at each stage. You have completed writing a rigorous manuscript. Data, writing, graphs, citations, illustrations, etc. Now you think your manuscript is ready for submission and start finding the appropriate journal.

Find a journal that will accept your paper. While selecting a journal, there are a few things that you must check to ensure journal suitability and minimize the chances of outright rejection. Some of these are as follows:. Years of experience as a published author can help you evaluate these parameters with ease. At Enago Publication Support, you can get access to Journal Selection experts in your area of research.

Simply send us your criteria, and we will present you with the 3 to 5 journals best suited to your manuscript and preferences through our Journal Selection service. Submit your manuscript to the journal. Next step after selecting an appropriate journal is following the submission protocols of the journal. This is another tedious task for authors who are already exhausted after completing their manuscript.

Our journal submission experts are skilled in submitting papers to various international journals. When your manuscript is ready for submission, our publishing experts will complete this tedious process on your behalf. A submission expert checks your manuscript against the journal guidelines and gives you a list of must-dos and fixes to meet the journal guidelines.

Wait for the journal to decide. This is the most important stage in the lifecycle of a manuscript. It is here where the editor decides whether the manuscript is competent enough to go through the further process. Journal checks the scope of your paper. When a manuscript is outside the purview of the submitted journal, the editor has no choice but to out-rightly reject it. You can also use our Journal selection service to help you match your manuscript with the top journals, while you sit back and relax.

Journal checks for adherence to guidelines.At Pubrica, we translate your scientific writing to a publishable manuscript. We guide you through the entire life cycle for academic, scientific, and medical publication content.

Pubrica offers professional publication support services for publishers and authors representing academic, medical device, pharmaceutical industries and evidence-based policymakers.

get journal publication support services for academic research

The research paper needs to be published or disseminated for it to become a part of the body of knowledge in its field of study. Only when it is published, can a paper be deemed authentic within the scientific community. Your manuscript needs to impress top editors before it gets published in a decent or a high-impact journal. Hence, it is wise to get assistance from Journal publication support services. But finding the right support service for your manuscript needs research on its own.

The effective way to identify a good scientific paper publication service is to approach and check their service for. Most of these service providers will keep you in the dark about the process. At Pubrica, we provide an excellent scientific publication service and research paper publication support, where you can directly engage with our experts at all stages of the publication process.

Our expert panellists will review your manuscript and provide constructive comments e. We also assign experts for each field depending on the paper. Like, medical paper publication support is handled by experts in the field. The subject experts will work with you to determine the most suitable journals, assist in manuscript editing before submission, carry out a technical review, and provide post-submission support wherever necessary.

Quick Contact. Authoring your research paper into a publishable manuscript. We assist in publishing your manuscript in peer-reviewed journals, develop illustrations, create, video presentations, case studies, and scenario-based learning end-to-end support.

We select, review, prepare, submit your manuscript and respond to editorial comments. Journal Selection. Manuscript submission. Manuscript artwork preparation.

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Manuscript veracity check. Talk to us today. Circumvent rejection by your publisher; collaborate with us to write and submit your manuscript. Lay your quandaries to rest…. Response to reviewer and resubmission. Click Here. Tread the peer review terrain with aplomb. Peer review and pre-submission. Our creative gurus take charge of aesthetic aspects of design; images, illustrations, color themes, layouts….

You may have taken lots of trouble to research and pen your manuscript; however, by performing a plagiarism check, you preempt copyright violations. Manuscript Turnaround time Eight 8 weeks' time High-end publication support.Services that begin where your research ends—until you get published.

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Our full support package offers researchers a one-stop solution for top-quality editorial and production services throughout the journal submission process. Enago will take you through each stage, seamlessly and stress-free—from helping you find the right publication—to having experts weigh in on the quality of your paper—to getting your manuscript edited, formatted, submitted, and more! A renowned researcher from Indonesia partnered with Enago for manuscript editing and submission support.

Read more case studies. What journal publication assistance services does Full-Support pack offer? It includes end-to-end service right from advisory to select a favourable journal from list of appropriate quality-indexed journals, detailed plagiarism check, meticulous review of your research by highly-skilled Ph. What if I am unsure about the package I need to choose for my manuscript?

We can assist you with the most appropriate service or package for your manuscript based on your requirements. Please select the solution you think would be most suitable amongst the options available. Our Client Servicing Associate will review your request and recommend the most suitable plan based on your requirements. I would like to submit my manuscript to a journal at the earliest.

You can select while uploading your documents here. Our express delivery solutions go through the same quality check systems, while running some services simultaneously to ensure we meet your timelines. Currently our system is going through maintenance activity due to which MyPage access will not be available temporarily. For any assistance, please email us on orders enago. Thank you for contacting Enago. We will reply to your question within 24 hours. Editing Services.

Publication Support Services. Translation Services. Quality Assurance. Pricing Quotation Payment Wallet. About Us.

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Publication Support. Publication Support Packages. The Enago Advantage Get complete journal submission support from start to finish. Work with journal and editorial experts and a dedicated project manager. Experience unrivaled support, including a full year of free paper revisions.

The Enago Promise: Your paper will never be rejected for language issues. Work with a dedicated project manager and a team of journal and editorial experts who can help achieve success at all steps of the publication process -- from journal selection to manuscript submission.

Pre-Submission Peer Review. Journal Selection.

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Substantive Editing. Formatting and Artwork Editing. Journal Submission. Plagiarism Check by iThenticate. Rejection Shield.Publication Support Services is nominal in order to get your research work recognized. You have to get published. For that purpose, Publication Support Services exist to guide the research students. You will face a lot of difficulties during your doctoral degree. It is a challenge. A journey. Pursuit of a goal. Prove your hard work. Your intellect. A desire to achieve.

Journal Submission Services

Make mistakes. Be confident. Inspire others. Hard work beats talent. Dream big. Achieve it. To know why that is much important to publish, many of you raise this question in you. Although your research is valuable, it has to be presented to the scientific community in order to get available for the public.

Publication Support Services

That is to make your research available and useful, written, documented and reviewed communication is significant. Here, some of the common reasons that you as a PhD student have due to publishing your research work.

To make yourself better, your research should know to others like a public, policymakers and industry.

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All these may need research-based arguments for making decisions. And this may also be used in building knowledge, teaching and peers will build on your results. Obviously, it is a good idea to publish which strengthen your position among the others.

Thus, you can build your career as a researcher with the evaluation whether you can add to the scientific needs. Your research paper will be measured in both quality and quantity basis. And also, the publication shows how efficient you complete your research and how mature you are as a researcher. Your research publication gets an added advantage top your future prospects.

Certainly, in order to complete your degree, you have to PhD publication your certain number of works. And this publication gives you a support by funding or grant source. Especially to get industry people attention, research publishing plays an important role.

Thus, it will increase your chance to receive funding for further work is the main consideration regarding publishing. Through the process, you will gain more knowledge about different publication channels and rankings. So, it is one of your benefits to knowing about various styles and process of publication.