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Research-oriented personalities like to collect and analyze data and test theories and hypotheses. Their research usually seeks to solve an existing problem through new products or processes, or it may lead to a greater understanding of a particular subject. Research-oriented types have strong critical-thinking and analytical skills and are open to new ideas.

There are many types of jobs that might be fulfilling to these individuals. In the field of science and medicine, some of the careers for research-oriented personalities include medical scientists, who have a Ph. Biochemists and biophysicists, who need a Ph. Research in technology includes computer research scientists, who need a Ph.

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Their research results in new ways to use computer technology. For example, they may develop ways to improve how data is viewed or stored, or they may research ways to increase the use of robots. Terri Williams began writing professionally inworking with a large nonprofit organization. Terri Williams. Share It. Geological and References U. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.These instructions describe how to find employment as an artist model in the United States, although these instructions also generally apply to most other countries except for those countries where life drawing is not allowed because of strong religious beliefs.

The good news is that serious figurative artists want to practice drawing people of all shapes and sizes. So with a little persistence, just about any adult should be able to find work as a life model. Life modeling opportunities exist in every area in the United States. Almost every city has at least a few local colleges with art programs, and artists live and create art everywhere.

Some life drawing facilitators will only hire models with experience and a track record of reliability.

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However, many others actively seek new models to continually expand their drawing repertoire. For this reason, facilitators are often willing to hire models with no prior experience, as long as they are motivated. As a new model, realize it may take a few months before you are actually hired for your first modeling session.

It may take time before you will find a session that will hire you, and often sessions schedule their models weeks ahead of time. Initially, employment opportunities will be less frequent until you establish yourself as an established artist model. However, once you develop a reputation for professionalism and reliability, you can expect regular employment. The employment process for being hired for university art classes is different than for community open draw sessions, so the approaches for finding these jobs is described separately.

Many colleges require models to complete tax forms and pass criminal background checks before they can begin modeling. The good news is that once you are on payroll, you are one of only a few models the university can use to meet their ongoing needs for art classes. Once you are on staff, modeling opportunities will be more frequent than for an open draw session.

Almost all college art programs in the United States require their students to draw from the human form as part of their curriculum. Some courses will only use models for a few classes during the semester, resulting in relatively few modeling opportunities. However, when the college offers a dedicated course on anatomy or life drawing, modeling opportunities will be more frequent. Art colleges often do not require prior modeling experience, particularly if they have a high demand for models and face regular model turnover.

However, colleges will expect the models they hire to work for them regularly.

What Types of Jobs Are There for Research Oriented Personalities?

They do not want to go through the entire hiring process for a model who only wants to work once in a while. Start by identifying which local colleges offer art programs. Be sure to also consider community colleges and two-year colleges. Art colleges typically have a single Model Coordinator responsible for scheduling all the models for all the art classes.

Contact the Dean of the art department to find out how to contact the Model Coordinator. Typically, colleges have models submit time sheets and pay models by check, with taxes withheld.

As a college employee, models are also sometimes eligible for employee benefits, such as staff parking passes, use of gym facilities, and access to faculty dining facilities.

Be sure to check with the Human Resources Department to see what benefits you are eligible for. Occasionally, colleges require that art models be university students, particularly if model fees are paid for though college work study programs. However, even at these colleges, non-students may still be able to serve as art models for extracurricular figure drawing sessions, such as student art club events or open drawing sessions the university may host.

Be sure to ask the Model Coordinator if these opportunities also exist. Many communities have open drawing sessions, where a group of artists meet each week to draw from a live model.

researchgate jobs list models

Typically, open draw sessions do not require models to file any paperwork, and the models are paid at the end of the session in cash.

Some facilitators may only hire models with prior experience, while others actively seek new models. Finding open draw sessions in your area may require more effort than identifying college art departments. Some open draw sessions advertise themselves through web sites, blogs, or Facebook or Meetup groups. Other open draw sessions do not advertise themselves at all.Industrial models are used in all advertising media to sell every kind of product or service imaginable.

The U. Also in this group are product demonstrators and product promoters. Of thepeople working in these three fields in the United States, only about 2, work as models.

In earlier times, many of these models were the friends or relatives of the artist. Wealthy patrons also posed for artists to have their portraits painted. Actresses, actors, society personalities, and other celebrities were among the first models. InCharles Frederick Worth, an English tailor, opened a salon, or fashion house, in Paris and became the first dressmaker to display his designs on live models.

Shortly after the turn of the century, when the ready-to-wear clothing industry began to grow rapidly, businesses discovered that a picture could sell more products than text, and fashion professionals realized that live models boosted clothing sales more than mannequins.

As commercial photography continued to grow and develop, so did the career of the photographic model. Today these models can be male or female, and of every age, race, and color, depending on the wishes of the advertiser. BeforeU. Shortly after World War I, the U. As these fashion houses slowly multiplied, so did the number of models needed to show new clothing designs to prospective buyers.

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In the past 40 years, the U. Models generally are grouped according to the medium or media in which they work. In large cities there are modeling agencies that specialize in handling petite, plus-size, specialty, character, beauty, photographic, and high fashion models. When posing, models must stand or sit in one position for several hours at a time. A quick break for relaxation is usually given once each hour. Often the model must pose on a platform under hot and bright lights and sometimes wear little or no clothing.

One job may last a day, while another may last for several weeks. Photographic models pose for photographs. Their job is to lend attractiveness to an advertisement and enhance the desirability of the product.

These models encounter a great variety of situations in their work. One series of photographs may be taken in a studio under hot lights with the model wearing a heavy fur coat. Another may be taken outdoors in midwinter with the model wearing only a bathing suit.

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One job may last only an hour, while another may require an entire day. In their work, models may travel to other states or even to other countries to be photographed in beautiful, unusual, or exotic settings. Rarely do photographic models work full time. If models contract with a modeling agency, however, their schedule may be fuller because the agency will be able to secure modeling jobs for them. The photographic model who has some acting ability may secure a job in a television commercial.

These ads are usually videotaped or filmed. Specialty models must possess particular features that are photogenic, such as hands, feet, legs, hair, lips, or ears that will help sell specific products. Fashion models differ from the other types of models in three basic ways. Second, they do not merely pose in one position, but walk around and assume a variety of poses in their display of the clothing. Third, they often speak to prospective purchasers to inform them of the model number and price of each garment.Partnered with persistence, an open mind, and perhaps an interest in a specific field such as food, medicine or finances, your curiosity is a trait that many employers welcome in their quest to hire researchers.

As an actuary, you analyze, calculate and then predict the financial cost of a risk. Insurance companies depend on actuaries to determine risks of providing coverage.

A number of factors are calculated; age and overall health is important for individuals, while property coverage assesses past history and future probabilities of natural disasters.

Large corporations use actuaries to evaluate retirement and pension plans, for example. The job market for market research analysts is expected to grow between and by as much as 41 percent, according to the BLS. In this career, you assess market conditions to determine suitability for a product or service, as well as the price people are willing to pay.

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Companies rely on this information to time product launches and set prices that will recoup expenses and glean a profit. Not all people who love medicine are destined to be physicians; for those more interested in research, combine it with your love for medicine as a medical scientist. This occupation involves more than researching diseases and developing new medicines, although those are important functions: Some medical scientists also design new instruments and procedures for doctors and laboratories.

Both private and public companies -- government agencies and universities, for example -- employ medical scientists. Agricultural scientists, or food scientists, are concerned with what we eat and whether enough food is available to sustain us. They research and test functions along the food chain, from the soil used to grow food and feed animals, to how food is processed and packaged. Some specialize in crops, while others focus on animals, or food plant processing.

A lot of the work is done on site, whether outdoors or in plant facilities. Based in Central Texas, Karen S. Johnson is a marketing professional with more than 30 years' experience and specializes in business and equestrian topics.

Her articles have appeared in several trade and business publications such as the Houston Chronicle. Johnson also co-authored a series of communications publications for the U.

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Agency for International Development. Work Job Search Researching Jobs. By Karen S. Analyst vs. Actuary As an actuary, you analyze, calculate and then predict the financial cost of a risk. Market Research Analyst The job market for market research analysts is expected to grow between and by as much as 41 percent, according to the BLS. Medical Scientist Not all people who love medicine are destined to be physicians; for those more interested in research, combine it with your love for medicine as a medical scientist.

Agricultural Scientist Agricultural scientists, or food scientists, are concerned with what we eat and whether enough food is available to sustain us.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Actuaries U. Related Articles.If you are a researcher, you can create a user account and post a job with your user account. Sign up for your account here. If you are an employer who is not a researcher, you can create a recruiter account and post a job.

researchgate jobs list models

Once you sign in, you can start posting jobs on ResearchGate through your job management sectionregardless whether you have a scientist or a business account. For more detailed information on how to post a job, visit our help article. For a step-by-step guide to posting your job, click here.

researchgate jobs list models

We offer a range of further options if your hiring requirements are higher, such as pre-purchased job bundles. For information on these options, contact a sales representative for a customized offer. A standard job posting runs for 30 days. You will also have the option to extend running jobs or reactivate expired jobs. Then job bundles are the option for you. Through our platform you can buy bundles of 5, 10 or 20 pre-purchased job tokens that you can then redeem at a later time, whenever a new position is available.

Plus, they come with a nice volume discount! For customized bundle sizes, please contact our sales representatives. Just get in touch with our team. ResearchGate is the scientific platform where brands gain actionable insight into scientific content, expertise, and interest.

It helps brands identify and engage the scientific community through data-driven marketing solutions. ResearchGate offers solutions for companies looking to spread awareness, engage prospects, and sell to customers. Advertising options to achieve these goals include:.

Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you reach your advertising goals.

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Your dedicated campaign manager will advise you about the scope and strategy your campaign should take. Working with the targeting team, they will match your criteria to relevant ResearchGate content or members to make sure you reach precisely the right audience. After your campaign is launched, it will be frequently optimized to ensure maximum impact.

Your campaign manager will also provide you with a performance report at the end of each month. Advertising campaigns on ResearchGate can last for a variety of durations, depending on your advertising goals. Find out more by contacting our advertising team. How do I post a job on ResearchGate?

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researchgate jobs list models

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