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In their enthusiasm to get started, people sometimes jump into writing a research proposal without adequate preparation. To prevent this from happening to you, let us get you ready by zeroing in on the first part of the proposal: the introduction and literature review. Many books are available to guide the researcher through the process of reviewing the literature and writing the introduction and background sections of a research proposal. Burns and Grove and Tarling and Crofts give practical and detailed suggestions for searching the literature.

Tornquist provides an excellent guide for then putting it all together and writing the research proposal. The introduction and literature review must guide the reader from the initial discussion of the problem, through an analysis of the literature, to the final statement about the purpose of the study. If I truly understand the problem, I can write a logical argument to convince the reader that the study is important and makes sense. Here are five strategies to write the introduction and background sections of a research proposal:.

Look first for summaries or other sources where someone has already reviewed and synthesized the pertinent literature:. For example, when reviewing the literature for a bowel cleansing study, I read the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy's recommendations for bowel cleansing preparations. Pictures can be helpful, because they show the information in a different way.

For example, I am working with a large group of nurses on a project for decreasing the incidence of skin breakdown. I found pictures on the Internet that showed the intense pressure on the skin at points directly over bone prominences and how spreading the pressure over a broader area diminished the intensity of pressure at any one spot.

The pictures reminded me of walking in the snow with snowshoes. When you wear snowshoes, you can walk in very deep snow without sinking because the pressure of your body is spread over a large surface on the snow.

The picture triggered an analogy that was very helpful in understanding how to approach the problem. You will find that computers are invaluable for literature searchers. I find that articles that summarize the literature help me get a better understanding of the problem, but I am also looking for research study reports to use later in the process.

I also like UpToDate, a clinical database developed for physicians. It provides literature reviews about various medical conditions that are updated on a yearly basis. No matter if you are in a university setting or a local library, librarians are a tremendous help when using databases and searching for information on the computer.

The literature search is technically a search of written sources, but I suggest talking with experts in the field as well. The experts offer an informed perspective and can answer your questions to help you develop a deeper understanding of the situation. Read widely and talk to experts until you are confident that you truly understand the problem and potential solutions. In a classic "good news, bad news" situation, the same computers that make searches much easier than they used to be have made publishing so much easier that the number of journals has exploded.

Computer aids are available to help you keep track of numerous articles and organize them for easy retrieval. The software allows you to transfer citations and abstracts directly from references obtained during your literature search and add notes and comments.

I still use the old-fashioned way for organizing my articles. I get paper copies of all the articles that I think will be useful. As I read them, I underline the information that is most pertinent to my study and that I think will help me present my argument.

Some people prefer using highlighters. I then sit down at the computer, write the citation in American Psychological Association APA format, and paraphrase what I have read in the article.

write nursing research proposal

Putting the information in your own words does three things: i forces you to process the information, giving you a better understanding of the topic; ii helps you to write the proposal later because you already have the information in your own words; and iii helps you to overcome writer's block.The proposal should be about Herodotus and the Oracle at the Delphi. First you should summarize the topic.

write nursing research proposal

Include some discussion of what you intend to investigate and research. As this is a history course, it is fundamental that you explain the historical forces that shaped your topic and how it provides insight into the social and cultural concerns of its day. Talk about how Herodotus and the Oracle at the Delphi relate to the future and how people relied on it to gain guidance and clarity into what the future held.

The biggest concern is that you must have 3 primary sources and 3 secondary sources that I will use when I turn this proposal into a research paper. There is a distinct difference between the primary and secondary, 3 of each is absolutely required.

How to Write a Professional Nursing Proposal

I included one PDF that we used in class for you to get a sense of the topic and what a source should look like. This example does not count in the 6 that you must deliver. The sources also do not count in the 1 page proposal. They should be kept separate on a different page. Skip to content Please write a 1 page research proposal on Herodotus and the Oracle at Delphi. Research Proposal 1 Page was first posted on December 12, at am. Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only.

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write nursing research proposal

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How to Easily Write a Research Proposal

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write nursing research proposal

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Write My Nursing Research Proposal

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Determine the focus of your proposal. Make your claim clear so that your audience can follow your reasoning. Your focus is shaped by your audience: If you're trying to persuade a group of doctors and other health care personnel, for example, you may not have to include a lot of the medical basics or define terms they probably already know.

On the other hand, if your proposal is geared toward a general audience, it might be a good idea to explain medical concepts or include helpful diagrams. Outline your proposal with a mind toward its purpose.

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According to Nursing Planet, proposals are often structured much like medical research papers. Review any possible guidelines your organization may have with respect to proposals. Certain guidelines are general, while others are specific and make your job a little easier, allowing you to basically insert information into a template.

Compose the sections of your proposal. As is the case with most scientific fields, you should keep your sentences short and descriptive. Your primary goal is to allow your reader to understand your points as easily as possible. Bear in mind your ultimate goal: patient care. Be sure to note the effect on the patient in each section. Proofread your proposal before passing it on. You can show the proposal to someone else or check your sentences yourself. One effective way to find errors in grammar is to read your paper aloud to yourself.

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